Sounding like a string of acronyms rather than anything of interest, the Customer Led Network Revolution (CLNR) project set out to find out the impact on the grid of various changes made to technologies available to people at home – including EMMA (Energy and Microgenerator MAnager) with Solar PV.

From various data sets using different technologies, conclusions can be drawn on how best to either change people’s energy use patterns or change them automatically.

We were involved with the automated on site usage of generated electricity from Solar PV with the use of EMMA. Results show a general reduction in net and peak export year round. What’s not shown is the savings made on gas or other fuel usually used to heat water. All of the test participants confirmed that they were really pleased with the addition of EMMA to their solar PV system, “magically” getting hot water to come home to!

EMMA Customer

For more information on this project, see this short video documentary of somebody living with the device and his role in the project (featuring an elequent description of its operation), or the project’s website



Use excess generation to heat water, or limit export on larger systems!

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