Renewables taking over

It’s not just us and our customers generating our own clean energy. Recently there has been numerous records for renewable generation set, and that’s only going to continue. Read more narrative here.

Solar contribution is difficult to track, as there’s so much smaller “distributed” generation, but this manifests itself as a reduction in demand. This is really becoming tangible and is starting to notably reduce the reliance on other forms of generation.

The below is our Tesla Powerwall and Solar PV working flat out, charging the battery at full power, feeding our loads and some left over!

Solar & Battery Flat Out

The next challenge is to make best use of cheap and clean energy when it’s available to avoid wasting resource. Nobody likes seeing wind farms shut down as there’s not enough demand for the energy. Battery storage on both domestic and grid scale is the obvious solution – charge batteries with cheap clean “excess” energy and use it in place of expensive dirty energy.

This is possible using the likes of the Tesla Powerwall on a domestic and small commercial scale. Alongside enough renewable generation on site this can reduce the reliance on the grid’s energy and reduce cost, too.

These are exciting times! We will be keeping you posted on developments in this fast moving sector via this website and our Facebook page.


Use excess generation to heat water, or limit export on larger systems!

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