Eco-School – Merrylee Primary School

The Requirement

As well as having a desire to make use of renewable energy in the school, Solar & Wind provided the ability to view wind turbine’s output data on any computer throughout the building, enabling real-time and logged data output to be used as part of teaching. The weather station installed with wireless display can also provide useful information to be used in class.

The System We Provided

6kW Proven (WT6000) Wind Turbine

SMA Windy Boy Inverter

SMA WebBox network data logger

SMR200 Advanced weather station

The Environmental Benefits

Turbine will produce approximately 10,000 kWh per year and will save around 4,300 kg of CO2 emissions per year

Because of a school’s high power requirement, almost all of the power generated will be used on site, reducing the imported power requirement by around 10%

What We Did

The on-site installation work took 7 days to complete and commission, including foundations, laying cable, setting up data logging and weather station, and all electrical work.

As this was a public new build project we were required to become a Glasgow City Council Approved Contractor, and were working alongside various other trades, contractors as well as adhering to all site specific rules.

We also assisted with all funding applications, planning permission and training of school staff on the use of the SCube.

Other Benefits

The school achieved their Ecoshools award as a result of the installations, and their use of the S-Cube Solar Science set we donated to them. This teaching and first hand experience of these technologies encourages the young minds at the school to take an interest in the environment, and understand where our power comes from. Much of this information they then teach to their parents, too!


Use excess generation to heat water, or limit export on larger systems!

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