Solar Edge – Making the most of your space

At Solar and Wind Applications we don’t just install a pre-packaged system – we design everything for you, from ground up. When your roof gets tricky, with limited space on one roof, or issues with shading, we can design you a system which will make the most of your space to ensure good yields are still achieved. We have installed several systems using the Solar Edge system.

How Solar Edge Works

Solar Edge uses module level tracking to allow each module (solar panel) to operate independently of the rest. In normal string arrangements the modules all tie together, and shading or differing light hitting each panel causes significant performance reduction – shaded panels act like resistors, dropping the performance of the whole string.

Before and After - Solar Edge

You can see from this installation that there are 2 pitches and orientations used. Later in the day, when this photo is taken, there are still 3 panels working perfectly whilst the rest are shaded. A string system would have shut off in this scenario.

We also use several other string inverters (SMA, Fronius, Steca…) with both software and hardware designed to get around modest shading issues, too.

We work to all the required standards when calculating yields, but we go further to demonstrate why we make certain technical decisions. It is important to us that you understand the importance of getting the best system possible for your money.

Our customer from the site shown above made the comment:

“To help us to maximise the return on our investment, Solar and Wind Applications provided two schemes for our consideration.  The completeness of the presentation enabled us to select this solution, which although requiring more sophisticated and costly control circuitry, provided a higher electrical output and a shorter payback period. The installation and workmanship also satisfied this pedantic construction professional.”

Get in touch if you would like to find out if we can find a suitable Solar PV system location on your property, or to increase yield over a string system.



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