System Monitoring and Control

When it comes to monitoring your generation system, or just your home’s power use, there are now loads of options of equipment available to do this.

From experience of several, listed below and others, our preference now is to invest in one which will last, and will potentially provide more power in the future.

With this in mind we consider the Coolpower Products EMMA Elite system and its ELMON interface for any site with a generation system. It provides simple installation, good price, lots of useful data displayed in a helpful fashion and if you choose to you can add on proportional water heating or battery storage from the same device.

This considered, we can also install the below and we will advise you on what we think best suits your needs if you ask.

For more information, click on the pictures below.

Coolpower Elite with ELMON

As above, we generally recommend this system as it provides the most information in the best format. It’s also expandable with the addition of proportional water heating and/or battery storage. We’ve been working with Coolpower Products for a number of years and are confident that you’ll enjoy this product.

Elite control and Monitoring

 OWL – Monitoring and Control

OWL Display Options

OWL – Display on Computer, Smartphone or Tablet









A series of internet connected electricity monitoring and heating control systems. All simple to use, great value, and provide all the information you need to reduce your bills!

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