OWL – Monitoring and Control Sysetms

OWL - Monitoring and Control Systems

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Making best use of your energy is key to saving money on your bills. It’s only possible to do this if you know what your home is consuming and when, then using controls to adapt to suit. This is exactly what the OWL monitoring and control systems allow.

Solar and Wind Applications have been busy comparing various products, and carrying out our own testing so that you know you don’t have to experiment with different equipment yourself – get the right set up, straight away.

OWL Display Options

OWL products provide a simple and cost effective cloud based solution, all viewable and controllable from smartphone, tablet or web browser.

Using the tabs above, take a look at what system might suit you:

  • Monitoring – with or without a generation system, OWL displays exactly what your home is consuming or exporting.
  • Heating – for almost any heating system energy consumption can be improved and comfort levels increased with good monitoring and control systems. With internet controls, you can make sure your home is the perfect temperature to suit your changing schedule. And it’s much more powerful than that – read on for more…



OWL - Electricity Monitoring

The OWL system consists of an internet connected gateway, plus a series of sensors used to measure both usage AND generation, if you have any.

With a generator, OWL is able to tell you your net import or export and by how much. Armed with this information you can then make informed decisions on how best to make use of available power. Due to low export rates, coupled with “deemed” export, it makes complete sense to use as much as possible of your own energy.

The system is accessible from anywhere in the world by smartphone app, tablet app or web browser, meaning you can always ensure your system is working properly. OWL Display Options

Logging is also carried out both within the web interface, where a collection of graphical displays are available to help you monitor your system, or as a downloadable file if you prefer.

For more information, please download the OWL PV Brochure.

Solar and Wind Applications can install and set all of this up for you, either at the time of installation or as retrofit to an existing system.

With great prices from £200 (plus VAT) for fully installed and set up systems, we think this is a great investment.

If you have any questions, or would like an online demo of the system, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.



OWL - Heating Controls

Heating controls in most homes are very basic, giving you little more than a basic timer (which is a pain to alter!) and a thermostat giving you a rough idea of whether your home is too hot or too cold (and never just right!).

With the new age of internet connected heating controls, you can simply and cheaply convert your system to the latest technology, eliminating all of the above issues.

OWL Heating Controls

The system consists of various modular components, configurable to most heating systems, which allow both monitoring, logging and control of boiler and hot water systems. The system uses actual temperature sensors, meaning no nearly-right temperatures, but always allows your home and hot water to be exactly the temperature you need and when you need it.

The OWL learns how your home reacts, meaning it always knows when to start warming up to reach target temperatures. All of its calculations are based on current and forecasted weather data, so no energy is wasted with longer than required run times if it’s warm.

All of this is controllable through any web browser, smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. If you’re getting home early… a couple of taps and your home will be at the perfect temperature for you getting home! Or going to be late? Save energy by delaying a scheduled time period!OWL Heating Display

There are loads of benefits of this system, too many to describe here, please download the OWL Heating Brochure or get in touch for more info or to arrange an online demo of the system.

Because it’s all wireless, it’s quick and simple for us to install and set up for you, either along with any of our other products or on its own.

With prices from £400 (plus VAT) for heating and hot water controls, this system will improve your comfort level AND save you energy!

If you have any questions, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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Use excess generation to heat water, or limit export on larger systems!

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