Mongol Rally – SCube in Tajikistan

Solar and Wind Applications recently donated one of our SCube teaching kits to our friend and former employee, Johnny Stormonth-Darling and the rest of the Heavy Ostia team on the Mongol Rally.

Johnny teaching SCube

Johnny, having been involved in production of the SCube as well as having a great knowledge of the science and the industry surrounding it, was very keen to share knowledge and play a part in helping one of their charities with their causes.

The charity SWORDE-Teppa carry out a broad spectrum of work, with the main goals of reducing poverty, disease and environment destruction. With an emphasis on education and use of local people employed to work to achieve their cause, we thought that the charity would be able to make great use of the SCube. The product will allow them to teach the next generation about clean energy, generation, storage and use – all a vitally important part of the communities in which the charity operates.

Above you can see Johnny talking with local children and adults about the SCube, and no doubt sharing his knowledge of what the technologies are capable of.

For more information on the team, the rally and their charities, head to – and do feel free to donate, all of their charities share very environmental goals which I’m sure we can all agree are worthwhile.


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