Hot under the collar?

Does the thought of having to turn your heating back on for the winter make you hot under the collar? The ever increasing cost of heating your home needn’t be a cause of such stress. There’s a lot to be said for taking full control of your heating system, making sure it’s not costing you more money than needed.

Many heating systems are not tailored to work as they are required. Most systems run too much and cost a fortune, and don’t even make your home a comfortable place to be – heating your house too warm some of the time, and freezing cold when you need the heat the most. PassiveController - heating mode

Smart heating controls can put an end to this, namely PassivSystems Advanced Heating Controls (AHC). Almost all boiler powered heating systems can have this system retrofitted, giving you full control over:

1) the temperature your home is at during certain conditions (in the house, out of the house, asleep…).

2) when your boiler runs to allow your home to be the temperature you want it on time…not 20 minutes after you go out your front door!

3) how much hot water you have, ensuring you don’t heat a whole tank when you only need just a little.

…and a log of everything that happens, to allow you to see where you can make further savings. Or, even better, the system learns how you use your home, and tweaks itsself to ensure maximum benefit.

And all this does not break the bank, either, with installation from £450 (subject to survey and equipment required)

Solar and Wind Applications can advise and install this equipment (integrating it with your generation system if you have one) in time for the nights drawing in.

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