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When was the last time you used your heating controls to ensure that your boiler is heating your home efficiently?PassivSystems - Advanced Heating Controls - Schedule set up

This interesting research by Consumer Focus has shown that not many people understand their heating controls meaning they’re used either wrongly, or avoided altogether. This results in your home being too hot or too cold for the majority, and in doing this you’re wasting fuel (bad for the environment) and money (bad for your wallet!!).

But Solar and Wind Applications can offer you a solution!

The PassivSystems Advanced Heating Controls, or AHC, can be installed easily and wirelessly into almost any heating system, replacing or adding to your exisisting arrangement. This can then be controled by a simple user interface on a touch screen controller, allowing you to ensure maximum comfort in your home, without wasting fuel or hours of head scratching in tweaking your old complicated system.

What’s more, it also learns how your system is used – when you need hot water and how much – and does most of this setting up for you, ensuring you can sit back and watch the savings.

Get in touch with us to arrange an insallation or for a chat. Click the image on above for YouGen’s interesting coverage of the research (including a link to the full report), or have a look at www.passivsystems.com for more information.



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