Export Limit? We can help!

With the boom in renewable generation on all scales in the UK, grid connecting systems is becoming more and more costly due to grid connection constraints – from domestic solar PV to large wind or hydro turbine systems, we can limit generator export.

We have been working in collaboration with Coolpower Products in developing various solutions for grid connection restrictions for various scenarios, all revolving round the EMMA (Energy and Microgenerator MAnager). Results of these installations have been very positive, and have been providing DNOs with data demonstrating the export limiting properties of the equipment installed.

limit generator export - 100kW EMMA

Whether limiting to an agreed limit with your DNO, or completely stopping export, we can design a system to do the job.

As well as ensuring your installation can proceed without costly grid upgrades, the other benefit is complete energy use on site, adding further benefit to your generator. There are countless possibilities on how to use  this energy – from heating your home, to several homes or buildings, to materials drying – we can make sure the complete system maximises your return on investment significantly further that your generator alone ever could.

See a case study of a 16kW system and a 100kW system – more case studies coming soon!


Use excess generation to heat water, or limit export on larger systems!

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