Eco-School – Morgan Academy


The Requirement

Morgan Academy was severely damaged by fire in 2003. As the building was due to be refurbished and modernised, the design team chose to incorporate sustainable energy systems to reduce its environmental impact.

The System We Provided

10.5 kWp solar PV System, consisting of:

84 Kyocera KD125 Solar PV Modules

3 Fronius IG40 Inverters

Solion SunMount roof system

The Environmental Benefits

The solar PV system will generate approx. 8300 kWh of clean, green electricity and will reduce the schools CO2 emissions by approximately 3.6 tonnes per year

What We Did

Provided support for system designing, grant funding application, consultation with the client and the distribution network operator, liaising with Dundee city council, and full system installation and commissioning.

The Funding

The energy saving trust funded 60% of the project cost via the DTI Major Demonstration scheme


Use excess generation to heat water, or limit export on larger systems!

Solar Service

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