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NOTE: this equipment is new, and as a result this page will be updated with information and case studies as it becomes available!

Coolpower Products released their Safe Energy Storage system in 2016. It is based on all of their experience of proportional energy storage and slots into their modular hardware system seamlessly.

The SES system is easy to install as part of a new installation or a retrofit. It can be either AC Coupled, or DC Coupled with the Solar Drive device. It uses any excess generation which is not being used in the property to charge a modular stack of salt water batteries. The energy is then discharged when the property demands more power than the generation is providing. This means that you get the full benefit of your generated energy, all year round, particularly if it’s used alongside the EMMA water heating system.

The battery bank can be sized to suit most requirements, and the whole system scaled to suit a vast number of situations.

The batteries used are of salt water variety, which have an array of benefits compared to most battery technology used on the market for this application – usually lithium ion or lead acid. Benefits include cost, cycle depth and cycle count (long lifespan for this application) and they are far more environmentally sound and recyclable compared to other battery types.

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Use excess generation to heat water, or limit export on larger systems!

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